Microstructure of Carbon- and Low-Alloy Steels

Wrought Iron

Microstructure of wrought iron (Fe – 0.07% C – 0.06% Mn – 0.2% Si – 0.16% P – 0.02% S) etched with 2% nital revealing slag stringers and ferrite (alpha) grains and grain boundaries. Original at 500X.

Electrical Iron

Electrical iron (<0.02% C) etched with 2% nital revealing a ferrite grain structure.
Motor Lamination Steel – Surface of electrical steel specimen showing large sub-surface ferrite grains. Tint etched with Klemm’s I. The grain orientations are random (note the random distribution of colored ferrite grains). Original at 100X. Viewed with crossed polars + sensitive tint.


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