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Metallography of Stainless Steel and High Temperature Alloy Fasteners

Metallographic examination of longitudibally-oriented fastener specimens produces a great deal of useful information about fastener quality. Indeed, metallography is an indispensable tool for evaluating fasteners. Examination can reveal the presence of cracks or other surface flaws which may or may not, be harmful depending upon their location and nature. Metallography also can detect features associated with the manufacturing process and characterize the strenght of the fastener. All this depends upon proper selection and application of metallographic procedures.


The articles and presentations that can be down-loaded from this web site are based upon work done by GFV while employed at Bethlehem Steel (1967-1983), Carpenter Technology (1983-1996), Buehler Ltd. (1996-2009) and Struers (2009-Present) and from the authors consulting work for companies such as, Latrobe Steel, Scot Forge, etc., and from his litigation work. GFV's bylined articles appearing in various issues of the ASM Handbook series have been listed here courtesy of ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio.