Metallographic Preparation of Medical Devices

Specimen Mounting Program

Implant Specimens

  • Acetabular cup: Ti-6Al-4V substrate, CP Ti wire
  • Acetabular Cup: Ti-6Al-4V substrate, CP Ti Powder, Ta Beads
  • Femoral Hip Stem: Co-Cr-Mo with Co-Cr-Mo Beads
  • Femoral Knee: Co-Cr-Mo with Co-Cr-Mo Wire

Mounting Procedures

  • PhenoCure™thermosetting phenolic resin
  • Electroless Ni-plate/EpoMet® thermosetting resin
  • Vacuum impregnate with low-viscosity EpoThin® epoxy resin
  • Vacuum impregnate with EpoHeat™epoxy resin
  • SamplKwick® cast acrylic resin


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