George’s Activities & Events – 2015

 George’s Activities & Events – 2015

    • 9-13 February: 5 day course – “Metallography and Failure Analysis of Advanced High-Strength Steels – Erdemir, Eregli Iron & Steel Works, Eregli, Turkey.

    • 16-17 February: 2 day course – “Metallography and Failure Analysis” – Applied Laboratory Systems, Istanbul, Turkey.

    • 24 March: Industrial Heating magazine Webinar – Microindentation Hardness Testing

    • 1-3 April: 3 day course – “Interpretation of Microstructure,” Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA. 

    • 13-17 April: 5 day course – “Microstructure of Iron-Based Alloys and Heat Treatment Control,” DONHAD PTY Ltd., Bassendean, Australia.

    • 20-23 May: European Heat Treating Conference 2015 and the 22nd IFHTSE Congress, Opening and closing lectures – Venice, Italy

    • 26 May: 1 day seminar, 3 lectures – “Association of Italian Metallurgists” (AIM), Milan, Italy.

    • 27 May: 1 day seminar, 5 lectures – RTM Breda, Cormano (Milano), Italy.

    • 28 May: 1 day seminar, 3 lectures – AQM, Centro Servizi Technici Alle Imprese, Provaglio d’Iseo, Italy.

    • 28-29 May: 2-day seminar – Brescia, Italy

    • 29 May: 1-day seminar – Tenaris Dalmine, Bergamo, Italy

    • 15-16 June: 2 day seminar – Arcelor-Mittal steel company, Aviles, Spain.

    • 17-19 June: Opening and closing keynote lectures – Spain “Minergy” Conference, Gijon, Spain.

    • 22-26 June: 5-day course on Metallography and Interpretation of Microstructure – St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russia

    • 2-6 August: Annual IMS/Microscopy & Microanalysis Conference – Portland, Oregon.

w p inst donhad
Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass DONHAD PTY Ltd in Bassendean, Western Australia
ergeli als istanbul
Turkish steel mill in Ergeli, on the Black Sea about 4 h east of Istanbul Class in Istanbul for ALS – Struers dealer in Turkey.
George speaking at the Spain “Minergy” conference in Gijon. George giving a course at Arcelor-Mittal in Aviles, Spain.
The articles and presentations that can be down-loaded from this web site are based upon work done by GFV while employed at Bethlehem Steel (1967-1983), Carpenter Technology (1983-1996), Buehler Ltd. (1996-2009) and Struers (2009-Present) and from the authors consulting work for companies such as, Latrobe Steel, Scot Forge, etc., and from his litigation work. GFV's bylined articles appearing in various issues of the ASM Handbook series have been listed here courtesy of ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio.