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George Vander Voort’s entire career has been focused on metallography and the interpretation of microstructure. Although he has an extensive background in the steel and superalloy industry, he has prepared and examined almost all metals and alloys (non-radioactive). He has received 34 awards for his micrographs and they have appeared in advertisements, on magazine covers and numerous micrographs have been used by other authors, more than 135 times. George is a consultant for Struers Inc. and has aided metallurgists in many companies with problems.


Legal Services

George Vander Voort was consistently involved in failure analysis work in his 16 plus years with Bethlehem Steel (6 in the Bethlehem Plant and 10+ at Homer Research Laboratories) where he worked on a number of litigations filed against Bethlehem (after his analytical report, all suits were dropped by the plaintiff) and 13 years with Carpenter Technology Corp. He continued to do litigation work part time while employed by Buehler Limited for 13 years where he successfully defended a number of companies (see the report by US Magistrate Judge Daniel E. Knowles, III, filed July 7, 2009).