ASTM-ISO Standards

ASTM Standards:

1. E 1077-85: Standard Test Method for Estimating the Depth of Decarburization of Steel Specimens (and 1992 revision)

2. E 1122-86: Standard Practice for Obtaining JK Inclusion Ratings Using Automatic Image Analysis (and 1992 and 1994 revisions)

3. E 1180-87: Standard Practice for Preparing Sulfur Prints for Macrostructural Examination

4. E 1182-87: Standard Method for Measurement of Surface Layer Thickness by Radial Sectioning (and 1992 revision)

5. E 1245-88: Standard Practice for Determining Inclusion Content of Steel and Other Metals by Automatic Image Analysis (and 1989 and 1994 revisions)

6. E 1268-88: Standard Practice for Assessing the Degree of Banding or Orientation of Microstructures (and 1993 revision)

7. E 1382-90: Standard Methods for Determining the Average Grain Size Using Semiautomatic and Automatic Image Analysis

8. E 1558-93: Standard Guide for Electrolytic Polishing of Metallographic Specimens

9. E 112-95: Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size (major revision) (also 96 revision)

ISO Standards

1. ISO 4967:1999: Steel – Determination of Content of Nonmetallic Inclusions – Micrographic Method Using Standard Diagrams (major revision)

2. ISO 14250:2000: Steel – Metallographic Characterization of Duplex Grain Size and Distributions.

3. ISO/WD 17079: Steel – Determination of the Content of Nonmetallic Inclusions, Carbides, or Other Second-Phase Constituents by Image Analysis” (in development).