ASM Course – Metallographic Interpretation – December 9-12, 2013

vander voort asm-courseGeorge Vander Voort is teaching an ASM course on Metallographic Interpretation – December 9-12, 2013

This course is intended for those who have achieved some skill in techniques of specimen preparation, and wish to extend their ability to interpret metallographic structures and relate structures to service performance. It deals with the principles upon which interpretation is based and is presented in a lecture-based format well-illustrated by microstructures of a wide variety of materials and treatments. Students are strongly encouraged to bring samples to class.

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  • Correlate microstructures with properties of metals
  • Interpret microstructures for quality performance
  • The role of metallography in failure analysis


  • Maintain high quality standards during processing of materials and alloys
  • Classify various formed metal parts such as castings, forgings, weldments, powder metallurgy
  • Provide production assurance for performance in specified applications
  • Perform failure analyses and recommend changes to prevent future failures
  • Assist in research and development of new materials and processing


  1. Review of crystal structures, phase rule and equilibrium phase diagrams and their relationships with formation of various phases
  2. Detail discussion of time-temperature – transformation diagrams
  3. Application of quantitative metallographic techniques in characterizing steels
  4. Hardness and other tests for estimation of performance characteristics
  5. Cold work recovery, recrystallization and grain growth in a variety of alloy systems
  6. Correlation of observed microstructures with thermo-mechanical history of the parts
  7. Identification of effects of microstructural changes by heat treatment on mechanical and physical properties
  8. Several case histories demonstrating use of metallography in failure analysis


  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Technicians


  • Elements of Metallurgy
  • Principles of Metallography
  • Metallographic Techniques
The articles and presentations that can be down-loaded from this web site are based upon work done by GFV while employed at Bethlehem Steel (1967-1983), Carpenter Technology (1983-1996), Buehler Ltd. (1996-2009) and Struers (2009-Present) and from the authors consulting work for companies such as, Latrobe Steel, Scot Forge, etc., and from his litigation work. GFV's bylined articles appearing in various issues of the ASM Handbook series have been listed here courtesy of ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio.