George Vander Voort - UPCOMING EVENTS FOR 2014

George Vander Voort 2014 EVENTS

  • April 28: Hosting Webinar on "Nonmetallic Inclusions" for Struers A/S.

  • May 2: Lecturing on "Grain Size Measurement" at a seminar sponsored by the Minnesota Microscopy Society in Minneapolis.

  • 5-6 May: Attending the ASTM E-4 Metallography Committee meeting in Toronto, Canada.

  • 19-22 May: Giving an ASM course, "Interpretation of Microstructure," at ASM headquarters.

  • 2-6 June: Giving a course at Sasol Synfuels in Secunda, South Africa.

  • 16-20 June: Giving a course at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, in St. Petersburg, Russia (if I can get a visa, with the way things are going), on "Measurement and Interpretation of Microstructure." (tentative title).

  • 3-7 August: Giving 2 lectures at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2014/IMS Conference in Hartford, Connecticut: "Measurement of the Decarburization of Steel Surfaces" and "Microstructure of the Muonionalusta Octahedrite Meteorite."

  • 7-11 September: Giving 2 lectures at the 18th Annual International Microscopy Congress in Prague, Czech Republic: "The Lampshade Frame: A Study in Provence" and Is there Possible Bias in E112 Planimetric Grain Size Measurements?"

  • 15 September: Hosting a seminar with Dorota Cebula-Kozlowski in Ustron, Poland.

  • 17-19 September: Giving 2 lectures at the 14th International Metallography Conference in Leoben, Austria: "Examination of Normal and Bi-Modal Grain Size Distributions" and "The Use of Knoop and Vickers Tests at Various Low Loads to Evaluate Specimens."  

  • 8-9 October: Represent the USA at the ISO TC 17/SC 7 meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

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